We are Dhaaru, an enterprise based in Sri Lanka - built with the dream of providing elegant & superior hand made products to consumers by leveraging on Sri Lankan artisans and design talent. What differentiates us from the others in the market is our vision to ''act as a hub'' for local handicraft talent to cross pollinate talent of different crafts in creating unique new designs. We believe that the local handicrafts market in Sri Lanka is up for disruption with the exposure to foreign markets and modern designs. We wish to welcome this change with end-to-end capabilities to design, manufacture and deliver hand crafted products.

We exist to provide you with best in class, hand made products from Sri Lanka.

Our capabilities include;

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Do you want your children to live in a world covered with a dark fog due to pollution - a one that is burning hot over 40 degrees without trees - lakes that are filled with plastic but no fish? If the answer is ‘’NO’’ then the change must start from you…! Start becoming a responsible buyer and reject goods and services which has a negative impact on the environment. GOING GREEN IS THE NEW SEXY....

At Dhaaru our priority is to become a sustainable business that has minimal negative impact on the environment, community, society and economy - a business that strives to meet the triple bottom line.

Since the industrial revolution mankind has shown an increasing trend in using plastic and plastic based products due to its low cost of purchase but these are non-bio-degradable. The negative effect these plastic products cause the environment is staggering and already counts to a damage that we can hardly reverse. Adding on, the deforestation has added to the global warming and many related environmental threats.

we are good market approved as a vendor who cares for the society, environment and people..!

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All products of Dhaaru are made to minimize to the best extent possible the effect on the environment by consuming all natural resources and manpower. In case of wooden products, most of the resources will be reclaimed wood. As we grow, our aim is to move up the supply chain and plant trees and harness natural resources in account of the timber we use for our production.