Wooden Desk Organizer
2,250 LKR
  • Phone mount with both stand up mode and charge mode with Space to hold purse and car key
  • Large box to hold pens and glasses
  • Made from Teak wood without using any metal nail
  • Can customize for a gift by using laser cutting, wood carving or brass emblem

It can sometimes we quite troublesome to hold your personal belongings in one place. Phone kept on the table, purse is nowhere to be found and pens are scattered all over the place.
The concept presented here has two units to help organize your office table. A small box with two crates to hold your phone, car keys and purse and anything that fits in there. A much larger box to hold pens/pencils/highlighters and your glasses. Phone can be placed horizontally for ease of charging or theater mode.
100% made from teak wood with a mat finish, this organizer stands out elegant yet simple. If you are thinking to buy this for a gift and want to add any customization it is possible to use laser engraving, wood carving or a brass emblem.

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