Tri Corner Table Clock
4,800 LKR
  • Clock face 100% hand made from Brass
  • Wooden base 100% hand made from Mahogany
  • Complete height 7.5 inches and width at base 7.5 inches
  • Original quarts clock machine covered with a removable rustic brass plate

This clock was designed from scratch with the design inspiration turning its first shape on paper. Our brass craftsmen found it quite challenging to turn this design into an actual product as Sri Lankan traditional brass work does not carry linear line design principles. After 3 rounds of product iterations, here we are - presenting you the ultimate ''Tri corner clock'' to add glamour to your table. It is simply gorgeous and majestic. We even went into the details of thinking the rear view of the clock as a person sitting in front of your table will be seeing the back of the clock. You do not want your visitors to look at something really ugly...! Also you do not want a permanent closure which does not allow you to change the battery. Back of the clock is covered with a rustic looking brass plate, which is removable as well as covering the clock machine to a better look.